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  • New reviews at DV Hardware

     New reviews at DV Hardware I’ve published quite a lot of new content at DV Hardware in November. One of the first products I took a look at last month was the SteelSound 4H headset – this product performs pretty well in games but isn’t really suited to listen to music. I also took a look at a bunch […]

  • Read Revenue Magazine for free

    I just received an e-mail that the November/December edition of Revenue Magazine can be viewed online for free. Revenue is a magazine for online marketers, I wanted to subscribe to this magazine about two years ago as I had heard some good things about it but unfortunately I couldn’t subscribe because for some reason their […]

  • Everyone loves a good success story

    Everytime I check my blog’s stats I notice that one article in particular is very popular and gets dozens or on some days even hundreds of reads. It’s the post about the 17-year old girl that makes up to $70k a month with MySpace, the article was published about three months ago on August 27th […]

  • Thanksgiving rocks!

    Happy Thanksgiving to all American readers! In my country we don’t celebrate this holiday but I got to join in the fun online! This time of year consumers start buying a lot of new stuff and gifts and advertisers crank up their advertising budgets. When I woke up and checked yesterday’s earning stats I was […]

  • Google to make your life harder

    Just before the holiday season onrush Google decided it would be a good idea to mess around with the AdSense ad units. John Chow published a picture of what Google is planning to do: Currently visitors on your website can click the entire ad but once the changes kick in the only clickable areas will […]