Category: Earning money

  • Rough times ahead for online advertising?

    CNET published an article about the state of online advertising with opinions from a couple of analysts. Cowen analysts Jim Friedland and Kevin Kopelman lowered their estimates on several firms such as Google, Yahoo and Amazon because of the worsening economic climate. The two analysts expect search-advertising spending will be flat, and that graphical display ads […]

  • Start of the fourth quarter

    The year 2008 is slowly coming to an end, just three more months to go! The fourth quarter is usually the best in terms of ad dollars for most sites and I hope revenue will start picking up soon. Earlier today I’ve compiled the numbers of the revenue my business generated in September and it’s not […]

  • Business heading south..

    It’s the start of the month again and one of the things I do on the first day of each month is add up all the (preliminary) earnings figures of all my income streams to get a rough view of how much money I made last month. I started doing this about a year ago […]

  • Make your money work harder for you

    An easy way to earn more money is to make the money you already have work harder for you. Here in Flanders most people keep their savings in savings accounts or other financial products from one of the three largest banks but in most cases you’re leaving a lot of money on the table if […]

  • Goal for this month: make money with affiliate marketing

    One of the goals I’ve set for this month is to get started with affiliate marketing again and make some small profits (like 250EUR before the end of the month). If successful I’ll try to scale it up and develop it onto a new income stream that supplements my current income. My online business generates […]