Category: Earning money

  • First money made with this blog

    I just made my first couple of dollars with this blog. Yesterday I submitted it to TLA (Text Link Ads) and today they’ve accepted my blog. Much to my surprise I’ve already sold two text links. That’s quicker than I expected but there are probably two good reasons for this: – I’m currently listed on […]

  • U.S. dollar sinks to new record low

    Fears that troubles in the subprime mortgage loan sector would spread to other parts of the U.S. economy caused a new record low of the U.S. dollar against the euro and another currencies today. Financial media reports the euro is at it highest level ever against the U.S. dollar. As most of my income arrives […]

  • Google AdSense gets Corner Styling options

    Google today added a new feature to AdSense which enables publishers to choose between three different corner styles.  You can choose between the “standard square” corners, “slightly rounded” corners or “very rounded” corners.  Maybe some folks will be able to increase the CTR of their AdSense units with these new corner styles but I don’t […]