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 Spire Endo notebook bagNew reviews at DV Hardware
I’ve published quite a lot of new content at DV Hardware in November. One of the first products I took a look at last month was the SteelSound 4H headset – this product performs pretty well in games but isn’t really suited to listen to music.

I also took a look at a bunch of products for notebooks: First the Jetart CoolStand 2 notebook cooler, then the T3000 notebook cooler from ThermalTake which is completely passive and yesterday I published a review of the Spire Endo notebook bag.

Jetart decided to ship a little extra gadget with the CoolStand 2, the Thermo Eye. This is a small thermometer and the review is pretty small as there’s not really much to tell about this product.

Also finally online is the review of the OhMiBod iPod vibrator, I published this review a couple of days ago. No reason to get worried though, the only work I did on this review was taking the pictures and translate the review from Dutch to English  A review of the Boditalk from OhMiBod should follow soon, all the work is already done but I still need to translate the article to English. 

DV Hardware Holiday Contest
I also have a contest running at DV Hardware, I’ve teamed up with Super Talent to giveaway three 2GB DDR2 memory kits. You still have 19 days to enter.

Upcoming stuff
Currently I’m working on a review of the Noctua NF-P12 fan and a review of the new Xaser case from ThermalTake should also be ready within a couple of days. I’ve still got a couple of new products in my “queue” but haven’t taken pics of these products yet as I’m waiting on the arrival of a photo light tent I bought last week. Hopefully the tent will help me to take cleaner pictures of products with a nice white background.

November income was pretty good
I’m not going to write a big post on my income this week but the revenue in November was pretty good. AdSense disappointed a bit, the revenue seems to be down about 10% because of the changes in the clickable area but most of my income sources were significantly up this month thanks to the holiday onrush. Compared to October revenue is up 11.5% and compared to June it’s up by more than 60%. It would be nice if it stayed this way but I expect it will start to drop again when the holiday bonanza is over.

Holiday 2008
As the weather is getting colder Carmen and I are starting to plan a beach holiday for this summer. Two years ago we went to Corfu and this year we might go to Italy or Bulgaria. Or does anyone have some other good recommendations? I’m pretty fond of going to Italy –  Hotel Garden Resort in Calabria doesn’t seem too bad. Eating pizza and pasta all day yummie!

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