About Me

Hi, I suppose that if you reached this page you want to learn a bit more about me

My name is Thomas De Maesschalck and I live in Zele, a small town with about 20,000 citizens located in Flanders, the Dutch-speaking state of Belgium.

Where I live

I’m 21-years old and I’m the owner of an Internet company called DM Media Group bvba which I founded in 2006. I do a lot of things to earn a living, ranging from working on content sites to affiliate marketing. One of my biggest and best-known sites is DV Hardware, a hardware and technology site which I founded in July 2002.

Photos will follow later

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  1. Thomas, nice blog. (I got here from lvb.net)

    Just to nitpick though: I think it’s more correct to say “founded” rather than “found”. (2x) From to verb “to found”. For example: “I will found a new company in 2012, but I already founded one in 2006.”

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