Category: Earning money

  • NVIDIA gets hammered by Wall Street

    I just learned the hard way that the stock market can be very unpredictable. Yesterday I wrote about NVIDIA’s earning results and I said I expected the stock to go up because earnings were higher than analysts expected and also because the guidance NVIDIA gave during the conference call was pretty good. I was quite […]

  • NVIDIA beats expectations, good guidance

    As I wrote a couple of days ago I bought some NVIDIA shares. NVIDIA’s stock performed fairly poor in the days after I bought the shares but since yesterday I’m back in the green. Today they’ve announced their financial results and it was a pretty interesting day, NVDA opened at $26.20 and closed at $27.02. […]

  • Tech shares are going up again

    The INTC shares I bought last week are doing pretty well. When the stock market dipped I managed to buy the stock at $18.32 – one of Intel’s lowest levels in one year and a half. I was planning to keep the stock for at least several months and the market went up quicker than […]

  • Gambling on the stock market

    Playing a bit on the stock market was one of the things I’ve been wanting to do since I was a kid but I never did it because I was too afraid that the stock would tank and never recover to the level I bought it at.  Two years ago for instance I was planning […]

  • One of the benefits of making money online

    One of the benefits of making money online is that the money just keeps rolling in, even when you’re not actively promoting an ad network anymore. If I would stop working on all my sites today I’m sure I would continue to receive some money from all affiliate networks and ad programs I use for many years […]