Everyone loves a good success story

Everytime I check my blog’s stats I notice that one article in particular is very popular and gets dozens or on some days even hundreds of reads.

It’s the post about the 17-year old girl that makes up to $70k a month with MySpace, the article was published about three months ago on August 27th but it still gets quite a lot of traffic. That page is the single most popular article on my blog, it made it to the frontpage of Digg, has 78 comments and has more than 929 backlinks.

Unfortunately I hadn’t installed Google Analytics yet in August but here’s a graph which shows how much traffic the page received in the last two months:


Everyone loves a good success story as it makes them dream on how they can be successful too but in reality 99% of these people don’t take action and just keep doing what they were doing before.


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