Category: Personal Ramblings

  • Lots of frogspawn in our pond

    Thursday I discovered lots of frogspawn in our little garden pond, the two brown frogs I spotted earlier this week have laid hundreds of eggs between the waterplants. There are so many eggs because most of them never turn into a frog, but considering that there aren’t any predators (like goldfish) in our pond it’s possible many of them […]

  • Nice Spring weather

    Today was another day with lovely Spring weather, very sunny but not too hot. Perfect weather to do some work outside on my laptop. Nature is waking up again, as the following picture illustrates. When I went outside this afternoon I noticed a greenish blob next to our garage door. When taking a closer look, it turned out […]

  • Living in a palm tree

    Today I came across the Palm Fiction concept from German treehouse builder Baumraum. This luxurious tree house has a very futuristic look and could be build somewhere just a couple of meters from the sea. You can enter it by stairs, and while it looks pretty small, the cabin seems roomy enough inside. Additionally, the […]

  • Almost 13 percent of visitors blocking ads

    Google recently enabled everyone to integrate AdSense into Google Analytics. This gives you a wealth of information and today when I was thinking about my business I wondered how many people that visit my sites are blocking ads. I checked Google Analytics to compare the number of pageviews I received in January 2009 with the AdSense […]

  • January income down 28 percent

    At the start of each month I gather all the available statistics I have from the previous month in an Excel file to get a rough view of how well or bad my business is going. As the global economy slows down, online advertising is going down as well and it has hit me pretty […]