Almost 13 percent of visitors blocking ads

Google recently enabled everyone to integrate AdSense into Google Analytics. This gives you a wealth of information and today when I was thinking about my business I wondered how many people that visit my sites are blocking ads.

I checked Google Analytics to compare the number of pageviews I received in January 2009 with the AdSense Page Impressions. I’m not 100% sure but I believe most of the impressions that are missing from the AdSense data are coming from users that block ads, it can’t be because they’ve disabled JavaScript or something like that because in that case they wouldn’t be included in the Analytics figures.

I calculated the difference between both numbers and discovered it’s around 12.9%.  This is pretty high I think, but it might be normal because most of my visitors are tech oriented.

Unfortunately, it’s not possible to compare the number of AdSense page impressions per browser. I’d like to know the difference between Internet Explorer and Firefox, in the general browser market Internet Explorer is still king but last month almost half of my visitors used Firefox while IE scored just 39%. I guess the number of Firefox users blocking ads will be a lot higher because of tools like Adblock.


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