Living in a palm tree

Today I came across the Palm Fiction concept from German treehouse builder Baumraum. This luxurious tree house has a very futuristic look and could be build somewhere just a couple of meters from the sea. You can enter it by stairs, and while it looks pretty small, the cabin seems roomy enough inside. Additionally, the luxurious palm treehouse also features a terrace for sunbathing.



The Palm Fiction is just a concept, but Baumrau has lots of experience in the planning and realisation of threehouses and other constructions in natural surroundings all over the world. You can check out a sample of their work over here, it looks pretty neat. Some of these luxurious tree houses are as big as a small house, and can be equipped with lots of modern facilities like a kitchen, floor heating, a jacuzzi, WiFi, a flatscreen TV and much more. It all depends on the tree and perhaps more importantly, how much money you’re willing to spend. The average price of one of Baumraum’s tree houses is around 50,000EUR, but some cost a lot more.


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