Lots of frogspawn in our pond

Thursday I discovered lots of frogspawn in our little garden pond, the two brown frogs I spotted earlier this week have laid hundreds of eggs between the waterplants. There are so many eggs because most of them never turn into a frog, but considering that there aren’t any predators (like goldfish) in our pond it’s possible many of them will be able to reach adulthood. There were about five fish in our pond last year, but it appears that none of them survived this year’s harsh winter.

Below is a gallery with some pictures of the frogspawn.  There were several large clumps in our pond, I took one of the smaller ones and put it in a bowl to get a closer look at how they turn into tadpoles. Some of the eggs in the bowl are already starting to hatch, they’re developing faster than the ones in the pond.


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