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  • Zodiac review

    I’ve recently seen Zodiac (2007), a film based on the notorious Zodiac serial killer which killed several people in San Francisco in the late 1960s. Zodiac is one of the most intriguing American serial killers. In the late 60s and early 70s he send lots of letters to newspapers, calling himself the Zodiac. Zodiac signed […]

  • Blow review

    One of the blogs I occasionally read is the one from ShoeMoney. Yesterday I noticed a post on his blog about motivational movies and some of the movies he lists I hadn’t seen yet, like Blow. I searched on IMDB for the plot (+ user rating) of this movie and it seemed interesting enough so […]

  • Letters from Iwo Jima review

    Yesterday I watched Letters from Iwo Jima, this is a movie about the Battle of Iwo Jima between the U.S. and Japan in WO II. Iwo Jima is a relatively small island located about 1,200 kilometers south of Tokyo. Contrary to the movie Flags of our Fathers, this one tells the story from the Japanese […]

  • The Italian Job review

    As I already told in the review of Live Free or Die Hard I watch a lot of movies. Not only new movies but also older movies, like in this case The Italian Job, a movie which was released in 2003. The Italian Job is about Charlie Croker, a professional thief. Together with his brilliant […]

  • Live Free or Die Hard review

    One of the things I like a lot are movies and TV shows. I watch quite a lot of movies and I’m also addicted to a bunch of TV shows like 24, Battlestar Galactica, Jericho, Heroes, LOST, Prison Break, Stargate, CSI and South Park. Today I’ve seen Live Free or Die Hard (which is also […]