The Italian Job review

As I already told in the review of Live Free or Die Hard I watch a lot of movies. Not only new movies but also older movies, like in this case The Italian Job, a movie which was released in 2003.

The Italian Job is about Charlie Croker, a professional thief. Together with his brilliant team Croker pulls of a superb heist in Venice in which they managed to steal $35 million dollars in bars of gold. But unfortunately one of the team members betrays the others, killing one of them and leaving the other team members for dead.

Croker and all-but-one of his team members survive and he makes it his personal goal to retrieve the stolen gold bars from the double-crosser. Now it’s not about the money anymore, but about the payback.

The Italian Job screenshot

I enjoyed watching this film and give it 7.5/10. This heist movie is IMO a lot more exciting than Ocean’s Thirteen which I saw a couple of weeks ago.

I look forward to the successor of this movie, The Brazilian Job, which will arrive in theaters in 2009. According to IMDB this new movie will be about a heist in Rio de Janeiro.

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