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  • The Hunt For Gollum (video)

    Today I heard about The Hunt For Gollum, a freely distributed fan-made sidequel to The Fellowship of the Ring, the first Lord of the Rings movie. The Hunt For Gollum deals with Aragorn’s quest to find Gollum and is definitely worth a watch if you’re a LOTR fan, it’s only 40 minutes long and pretty […]

  • Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles cancelled?

    Rumour has it that Fox is going to terminate The Sarah Connor Chronicles because of high costs and lack of viewers. First Firefly and now this great show is getting the axe? What a shame. If the rumor is true I hope they’ll at least air the rest of the second season.

  • Weekend update – September 7, 2008

    I haven’t blogged a lot lately so here’s a quick weekend edition update on some stuff. Work Income is starting to go up a bit but still a lot lower than last year. I hope it picks up again as we head into the shopping season. Dollar rally A bit more positive is the huge […]

  • Eyes Wide Shut and 2001: Space Odyssey review

    This week I also watched two Kubrick films for the first time. First I saw Eyes Wide Shut, a movie which Stanley Kubrick finished just a couple of days before his death in 1999. This flick stars Dr. Bill Harford (Tom Cruise) and his wife Alice (Nicole Kidman) and it’s all about sex and fidelity. At […]

  • Braveheart review

    I bought a DVD of Braveheart a couple of months ago but I didn’t watch it until a couple of days ago. I dusted off the DVD and watched this fine movie for the third (or perhaps fourth?) time. Braveheart tells the tale of William Wallace, a 13th century Scottish commoner who attempts to unite […]