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One of the blogs I occasionally read is the one from ShoeMoney. Yesterday I noticed a post on his blog about motivational movies and some of the movies he lists I hadn’t seen yet, like Blow.

I searched on IMDB for the plot (+ user rating) of this movie and it seemed interesting enough so I decided to get this movie. Blow stars Johnny Depp and is based on the life of George Jung aka Boston George, one of the major players in the cocaine business in the U.S. in the 70s and early 80s. Jung was part of the Medellin drugs cartel, made a lot of money but is now in prison. He is scheduled to be released in November 2014, at age 72.

This movie shows George Jung during various stages of his life, starting in the 1950s when he was still a kid and his parents went bankrupt. At that point he decides that he never wants to end up like his parents. A bit later we see George in the late 1960s, he moves to California and ends up making a lot of money by dealing and smuggling marijuana. He gets caught by the police but while he’s in prison he gets to know some new friends and tricks which help him to become one of the major pioneers in the cocaine market in the U.S. The movie claims that Jung handled about 85% of the coke supply in the U.S. in the 70s.

A house stacked full with dollar bills - who wouldn’t want that?

He makes millions of dollars but after his rise comes his fall and he loses everything he has. Jung is now in the same position as his parents when he was young, he and his wife arguing over money in front of their daughter.

Jung ends up in prison again, loses his wife and when he’s released and tries to do one final drugs deal everything just gets worse.

Overall Blow was a pretty interesting movie, I give it a 7.5/10.

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