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  • 30 Days of Night review

    Carmen and I saw 30 Days of Night this afternoon, this new thriller seemed to have a quite interesting story but 113 minutes later we both felt disappointed. The story is set in Barrow, a small Alaskan town where the sun sets for 30 days every winter. A large part of Barrow’s population leaves the town […]

  • Pigs review

    A while ago I watched the movie Pigs. The name of this movie doesn’t really sound appealing but contrary to what you may expect it isn’t about those cute animals who love to roll in the mud all the time – it’s about sex. Pigs is a typical teen comedy and the main star of […]

  • Stardust review

    It’s been a couple of weeks since I last did a movie review, mainly because I was too lazy lol. Last Sunday I saw Stardust, I checked it out because of its high IMDB ratings but didn’t really expect much from it as it looked pretty childish. Turns out my first impression was wrong, this […]

  • October revenue figures up 13.8%

    A new month has started so it’s time to take a closer look at how well (or bad) my business did last month. Some of the revenue figures still need to be audited but I guesstimate my total income for October is about 13.8% higher than September. I think there are two reasons for this. First […]

  • It, Troy and Road Trip

    When I started this blog I watched quite a lot of movies and published lots of movie reviews but these days I don’t really watch a lot of movies anymore. Over the last couple of weeks I only saw about three movies. One of them was Road Trip – a comedy which I watched together […]