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A while ago I watched the movie Pigs. The name of this movie doesn’t really sound appealing but contrary to what you may expect it isn’t about those cute animals who love to roll in the mud all the time – it’s about sex. Pigs is a typical teen comedy and the main star of this movie is Miles – a college student who loves to share his bed with beautiful women.

One day when he has just scored another girl one of his friends comes up with a bet: he challenges Miles to complete the entire alphabet before graduation. The bet depends on the first letter of the girl’s last name, Miles needs to complete it from A to Z and take a photo of each of these girls. This may seem like a really hard task but for Miles it’s a piece of cake as he really knows how the play the ladies and after a relatively short time he has filled most of the gaps . Only one letter remains: the X.


pigs_movie.jpgThis letter is the hardest one, not only because there’s only one girl on college who qualifies but also because she doesn’t really seem to be interested in Miles. Gabrielle X (with some weird Greek last name) requires a lot more work than the other 25 girls and after a while the bet is in danger as Miles discovers that he’s falling in love with her..

Pigs isn’t a masterpiece but offers about 85 minutes of fun if you like this type of college/teen comedies. I rate this movie 6/10.

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  1. Good Plot… would like to see the movie… but Miles should have first worked on X instead of wasting around 25! I think he might have thought what’s harm in it!! :mrgreen:

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