30 Days of Night review

Carmen and I saw 30 Days of Night this afternoon, this new thriller seemed to have a quite interesting story but 113 minutes later we both felt disappointed.

The story is set in Barrow, a small Alaskan town where the sun sets for 30 days every winter. A large part of Barrow’s population leaves the town every year as they don’t like sitting in the dark for 30 days but this year those who stay behind have no idea what’s coming for them. A gang of vampires arrived in Barrow and these 30 days without sun light are the perfect opportunity for these creatures to terrorise Barrow’s population.


The first 20 minutes of this movie weren’t too bad but afterwards it just went downhill. The movie was barely scary, lacked depth and left me with a feeling of sheer boredom. The concept behind this movie was pretty good but I can give the execution only a 4/10.

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