One of the benefits of making money online

One of the benefits of making money online is that the money just keeps rolling in, even when you’re not actively promoting an ad network anymore. If I would stop working on all my sites today I’m sure I would continue to receive some money from all affiliate networks and ad programs I use for many years to come. After a while the monthly income would drop a lot of course but a couple of hundred dollars a month or a year is always a nice extra if you don’t have to do any work for it anymore. 

 I got reminded of this a couple of hours ago when I found a check from Amazon in the mail. I stopped using them about two years ago but they still continue to make me small amounts of money:


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  1. I had the same thing happen to me about a month ago. I had stopped using one of my ad networks almost a year ago, and out of nowhere, I received a check for around $75.00…. gotta love it!

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