NVIDIA beats expectations, good guidance

As I wrote a couple of days ago I bought some NVIDIA shares. NVIDIA’s stock performed fairly poor in the days after I bought the shares but since yesterday I’m back in the green. Today they’ve announced their financial results and it was a pretty interesting day, NVDA opened at $26.20 and closed at $27.02.

The financial results followed one hour after the stock market closed and I kinda feared that a bad guidance could tank the stock but I decided to follow my instinct and held on to the stock instead of selling it for a tiny profit. Looks like it was a good bet because NVIDIA beat earning expectations by 2 cents per share and the guidance was also pretty good, NVIDIA claims Q1 earnings will be better than seasonal and that demand outstrips supply.

NVDA’s stock jumped to over $28.5 in afterhour trading and is currently trading around $27.5. I’m hoping it’ll jump over $30 tomorrow 🙂 My INTC shares are also doing well, I got in at $18.32 and they’ve closed at $21.21 today.


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