Month: October 2007

  • Some new toys

    Some new toys arrived today Last week I ordered a sound meter on eBay from a Chinese firm called ineSun, took about seven days until I received the product but it was pretty cheap. It only cost me about 50EUR ($73.64), inclusive shipping costs. The AR824 has a range of 30dB to 130dB and ships […]

  • Photos of our new dog

    We got a new puppy today, a German Shepherd just like Toby. He’s about two months old and loves to play. Now we just need to come up with a good name  

  • DVH Product Inbox: Silencer 610 & Endo bag

    Two new products arrived this week and I spend about 30-45 minutes today on taking pictures of three products that will soon be reviewed on DV Hardware. On Monday I received the PCP&C Silencer 610, this 610W PSU will be compared to the Silencer 750. This morning a new notebook bag from Spire arrived, the […]

  • Google PageRank finally updated

    Google finally updated the toolbar PR figures and this is definitely a weird update.Many people are baffled because lots of websites lost a lot of PR and no one really knows why. Here’s a list I copied from SEOmoz which shows what happened to a bunch of fairly well known websites: PR6 > PR4 […]

  • Google working on Manage Ads feature for AdSense

    The Google AdSense team unveiled on their blog that they are working on a new ad management feature which may make it a bit easier to experiment with different AdSense settings. This new feature allows you to place a code on your website and make all the changes to the ad layout on the Google […]