Some new toys

Some new toys arrived today Last week I ordered a sound meter on eBay from a Chinese firm called ineSun, took about seven days until I received the product but it was pretty cheap. It only cost me about 50EUR ($73.64), inclusive shipping costs. The AR824 has a range of 30dB to 130dB and ships in a nice carrying case.

I’ll try to use this meter as much as possible in reviews of coolers, PSUs and other hardware on DV Hardware. I did some tests this afternoon and in most rooms the noise level was about 39-42dBA. The lowest reading I got was 35.6dBA. I’m going to do some more testing within a couple of hours to see how low the noise levels drop at night.


I also received a new toy from Jetart: the CoolStand 2 notebook cooler and as an extra they also send over the Thermo Eye thermometer. The CoolStand 2 notebook cooler is adjustable in height and uses a small fan to cool the bottom of your laptop. One of the nice features of this product is that it features a 360-degree swivel base.


Not sure when you’ll be able to read the reviews of this products as there are still a couple of other reviews that need to be finished first.

Meanwhile the U.S. dollar dropped even further.. The last time I blogged about this the exchange rate was about 1.3879 dollar per euro but now it’s already a bit more than 1.44 dollar per euro and gold and oil are also climbing to new record heights. Another snip of bad news is that the fourth season of Battlestar Galactica has been delayed to April 2008. And there are even rumours that SciFi is planning to split up season 4 and air the second part in 2009


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