Month: October 2007

  • RIP Toby – 27/7/1997 – 22/10/2007

    Sad days. Our German Shepherd died yesterday evening.  We already saw it coming a bit as his behaviour changed a bit last winter (he suddenly became lots less active) but we never expected he would be gone so quickly. Rest in peace my four-legged friend.

  • Random Saturday Ramblings

    Yesterday I finally finished the review of the OCZ Flex XLC DDR2 memory. Normally this review should have been ready in September but I was kinda lazy and I also adjusted my “review queue” a couple of times to get reviews of newly announced products up first . The OCZ FlexXLC memory kit I tested […]

  • It, Troy and Road Trip

    When I started this blog I watched quite a lot of movies and published lots of movie reviews but these days I don’t really watch a lot of movies anymore. Over the last couple of weeks I only saw about three movies. One of them was Road Trip – a comedy which I watched together […]

  • W Revenue – new blog with some nice tips

    I read a review on John Chow’s blog today about Scott Wainner’s new blog. This guy had a lot of success on the Internet in the late 90’s – he had a successful hardware site called SysOpt and had a price comparison site called ResellerRatings. Both sites were getting quite a lot of traffic and were sold in […]

  • How to get started in PPC marketing

    Zac Johnson wrote a guide on getting started with PPC marketing. There are many ebooks out there that promise you riches for the low price of $97 (but only if you act within the first 24 hours!)… but in the end they are usually nothing more than broken promises, outdated strategies, or just an overall […]