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Google finally updated the toolbar PR figures and this is definitely a weird update.Many people are baffled because lots of websites lost a lot of PR and no one really knows why.

Here’s a list I copied from SEOmoz which shows what happened to a bunch of fairly well known websites:

  • www.autoblog.com PR6 > PR4
  • www.forbes.com PR7 > PR5
  • www.engadget.com PR7 > PR5
  • www.problogger.net PR6 > PR4
  • www.copyblogger.com PR6 > PR4
  • www.joystiq.com PR6 > PR4
  • www.tuaw.com PR6 > PR4
  • www.searchengineguide.com PR7 > PR4
  • www.seroundtable.com PR7 > PR4
  • www.searchenginejournal.com PR7 > PR4
  • www.johnchow.com PR6 > PR4
  • www.quickonlinetips.com/PR6 > PR3
  • weblogtoolscollection.com PR6 > PR4
  • andybeard.eu PR5 > PR3
  • www.volodymyrzablotskyy.com PR4 > PR2
  • daily.stanford.edu PR9 > PR5
  • www.thecrimson.com PR8 > PR4
  • www.statcounter.com PR9 > PR6
  • www.washingtonpost.com PR8 > PR5
  • www.blogherald.com PR7 > PR4
  • www.seopedia.org PR6 > PR5
  • weblogtoolscollection.com PR6 > PR4
  • www.masternewmedia.org PR7 > PR4
  • www.sfgate.com PR7 > PR5
  • www.suntimes.com PR7 > PR5
  • www.seo-scoop.com PR6 > PR3
  • spap-oop.blogspot.com PR5 > PR4

As you can see many big websites lost a big chunk in the latest toolbar PR update. There’s some speculation that these drops are the result of Google’s war on sites that sell text links but some sites like ProBlogger didn’t sell links at all and got hit pretty hard too.

My blog still doesn’t have a PR rating but I guess that’s because it’s only been online since July. DV Hardware on the other hand remained steady at PR5 but that’s still much lower than it used to be a couple of years ago.

I guess one of the implications of this update is that we shouldn’t give a lot of attention to PR anymore. If even world’s most popular blog (according to Technorati) only has PR5 anymore I guess it’s safe to say that PR just got useless.

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Comment by Jalaj
2007-10-25 06:11:00
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This doesn’t seem to be a full update.. some new sites and the ones that changed domain name thus ending up with PR0 are still in the same position. Some PR4 sites I know (and not involved in SEO tactics) are still PR4…

May be this is yet another penalty update

Comment by Leo
2007-10-25 08:05:20
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I’m still PR3, it just got a little more crowded 😉

Comment by Debo Hobo
2007-10-25 23:26:38
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I need to figure out how to determine my pagerank

Comment by Jalaj
2007-10-26 06:53:35
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You can use a site which allows you to check pagerank as one below

Best way is to get Google Toolbar installed in your browser. You would need to change settings to allow “Pagerank” shown on the toolbar.

Comment by squaretan
2007-10-30 18:16:37
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My blog is already PR 3 😈

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