DVH Product Inbox: Silencer 610 & Endo bag

Two new products arrived this week and I spend about 30-45 minutes today on taking pictures of three products that will soon be reviewed on DV Hardware.

On Monday I received the PCP&C Silencer 610, this 610W PSU will be compared to the Silencer 750.

This morning a new notebook bag from Spire arrived, the Endo:

And I also started on the review of the SteelSeries 4H headset – that should be ready this weekend. Now I’m still waiting on a couple of samples from Jetart and on a decibelmeter I ordered a few days ago on eBay from a Chinese firm.

By the way, the first trailer of 24 season 7 was unveiled yesterday. Don’t watch it if you don’t want to be spoiled – it contains a very big and shocking spoiler:

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