Month: September 2007

  • Chitika Premium Publisher – because publishers aren’t equal

    One of the income sources I use is Chitika – they are a bit controversial as not everyone is pleased with their service but I’ve already been using them for quite a long time and never encountered any big problems. About two weeks ago I received a quite surprising mail from my Chitika account manager which explained […]

  • Next review

    Two days ago I saw the science-fiction action movie Next. Cris Johnson (Nicolas Cage) is the main character in this movie and he has an extraordinary gift: he can watch two minutes into the future. He’s hiding under an alias in Las Vegas because he was sick of all the examinations he underwent as a […]

  • U.S. dollar keeps dropping

    As I get mostly paid in dollars the $/€ currency exchange plays a relatively big role in how much money I earn. For the last couple of years the currency exchange hasn’t really been that great – the overall trend is that the U.S. dollar just keeps dropping and dropping against the euro. The euro […]

  • Lamborghini Reventon – new 1 million EUR car

    Lamborghini announced a new car for the very rich. Their new Lamborghini Reventon is expected to cost about 1 million EUR ($1.4 million) and will be very limited: To be dubbed Reventon, it’s based on the Murcielago LP640, and it’ll cost a breezy one-million euros. Only 20 are set to be constructed, and all have […]

  • Iron Man trailer

    This decade we’ve already been bombarded by superhero movies and next year we can expect a new film based on the Iron Man comics. I just saw the trailer of this new superhero film and it looks pretty interesting. The plot of this movie is pretty actual. It’s about a weapon designer who’s taken hostage […]