Month: September 2007

  • Why I removed BlogRush

    Three days ago I decided to give BlogRush a try but as you may have noticed I’ve removed the widget today. Before I started using this network I already had some doubts – I expected the CTR would be really small but it’s even worse than I expected. According to the BlogRush dashboard I’ve earned a total […]

  • Digg adds over 50 new features

    Digg made some changes to their website today. The Digg crew revamped the user profiles, which should make it easier for you to share stories and discover new stories by seeing what your friends are digging. They’ve also made it easier to find friends on Digg and there’s now also a shoutbox on your profile so […]

  • Mother-in-law and large homes = bad for business

    A largely new but quite controversial field of research tries to link the private life of CEOs to the performance of their company. CEOs are often seen as critical to the business they lead and therefore some investors want to learn as much as possible about the man behind the wheel in order to optimize […]

  • Trying out BlogRush

    Just like thousands of other bloggers I’m going to give BlogRush a try. This new widget was launched a few days ago and really took the Internet by storm, you can see it popping up everywhere. So what’s the purpose of BlogRush? Well it aims to send your blog more traffic. By placing the code […]

  • Free stuff – a good way to promote your company

    One of the easy ways to promote your company is by giving away something for free. This technique is commonly used by all sorts of companies and people absolutely like this marketing technique. At trade shows you usually get overwhelmed by lots of free stuff such as pens, stickers, candy and other cheap products which […]