Month: September 2007

  • Quest to earn more money, TV shows and games

    This week wasn’t really productive, I planned to publish some articles but was too lazy to write them . Another thing I didn’t really like about this week is that the U.S. dollar reached a new record low against the EUR, the last time I bitched about this it was 1.3879 dollar per EUR but […]

  • OCZ Vendetta – DVH product inbox

    A new product from OCZ arrived today. Their new Vendetta heatsink is inspired on a design by Xigmatek and features three large copper heatpipes that make direct contact with the base of your processor. The cooler uses a 80mm fan and has a relatively compact design. It will be interesting to see how this cooler […]

  • Making money with the social networks – Facebook Flyers

    One of the places were you can/could make a lot of easy money are the social networks. Places like MySpace are spammed to death by marketers trying to promote all kinds of products and services – with varying degrees of success. Unfortunately for these grey area marketers MySpace and advertising networks have seriously cut down […]

  • WordPress 2.3 released

    The WordPress folks released a new version of their blogging platform which sports a bunch of new features: Native tagging support allows you to use tags in addition to categories on your post, if you so choose. We’ve included importers for the Ultimate Tag Warrior, Jerome’s Keywords, Simple Tags, and Bunny’s Technorati Tag plugins so if […]

  • An iconized version of myself

    While browsing around a bit on my PC and watching some photos I came across a folder which contained some Iconize Me pictures of myself. About 2 years ago I paid the guys from Iconize Me! $50 to create an online portrait of myself: I intended to use this picture as an avatar on forums […]