Chitika Premium Publisher – because publishers aren’t equal

Get Chitika eMiniMallsOne of the income sources I use is Chitika – they are a bit controversial as not everyone is pleased with their service but I’ve already been using them for quite a long time and never encountered any big problems.

About two weeks ago I received a quite surprising mail from my Chitika account manager which explained they are slowly rolling out a new system which places their publishers into three categories: Silver, Gold and Premium.

I’m now in the new Premium Publisher category – to qualify for this you either need to make more than about $333 a month or have high-quality traffic based on the feedback of their advertisers. Even though I’m aware that most people who run a site or blog don’t even come close to earning this figure a month I do believe the Chitika premium publisher program is quite accessible. Especially when you compare it to the Google AdSense Premium program which requires you to have at least 20 million page views a month – and even if you meet the traffic requirement it’s not sure if they will accept you.

Let’s face it, not all publishers are created equal. We took a step back and realized we’ve got some pretty outstanding publishers in our network and we want you to know it. As a special member of this elite group you will have access to the top services Chitika has to offer!

The Premium Publishers receive all kind of benefits which the Silver and Gold Publishers don’t get. Here’s a quick look at the different types of publishers:

Silver Publishers
– Get access to only two ad formats: Owna and Shopcloud$

Gold Publishers
– Get access to eMiniMalls, ShopLinc, RPU, Linx, Owna and ShopCloud$

Premium Publishers
– Access to all ad products
– PremiumAds program: get paid for impressions as well as clicks
– Real-time auditing
– Customized ad units by Chitika designers
– Custom backup categories
– Instant chat with Chitika Account Manager
– Monthly account overview reports
– Opportunity to publish guest posts on Chitika’s blog.

The Premium Publisher program definitely sounds a lot better than what Gold and Silver publishers get but a lot of the features are still under development.

While I do think it’s a good idea to give your top publishers a special treatment I think Chitika didn’t really made a good move with the silver and gold member clubs. It seems that new and old members who don’t make a lot of money will no longer have access to all ad products and I’m sure this will make it harder for them to earn money with Chitika ads.

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