Iron Man trailer

This decade we’ve already been bombarded by superhero movies and next year we can expect a new film based on the Iron Man comics. I just saw the trailer of this new superhero film and it looks pretty interesting.

The plot of this movie is pretty actual. It’s about a weapon designer who’s taken hostage in Afghanistan and forced to assemble a missile for them. Here’s the plot from Wikipedia:

Weapons designer Tony Stark is in Afghanistan to introduce his new missile design when the army unit he is traveling with is attacked and Stark is taken hostage. His captors order him to assemble a missile for them, giving him access to a workshop. He puts his creativity to use by assembling a bulletproof set of armor complete with flamethrowers and uses it to free himself. Back at home, he becomes Iron Man, developing a flying suit with the red and gold scheme and advanced weapon capabilities. Stark faces the Iron Monger.

Want better quality? Check out the trailers at Apple’s site.

Iron Man will be released on May 2, 2008.

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