Making money with the social networks – Facebook Flyers

One of the places were you can/could make a lot of easy money are the social networks. Places like MySpace are spammed to death by marketers trying to promote all kinds of products and services – with varying degrees of success. Unfortunately for these grey area marketers MySpace and advertising networks have seriously cut down on this kind of abuse.

A bit more than a year ago you could make shitloads of money on MySpace by using automated programs to send out messages to your “friends” to promote CPA offers like “free ringtones”, zip code submit offers like “Free iPods” and various other offers. Nowadays this doesn’t really work anymore as the CPA networks don’t allow it anymore and because MySpace has made adjustments to make the MySpace bots less useful.

While MySpace was online marketer’s nirvana and got flooded by spam other networks like Facebook stayed relative clean because they don’t feature mass message options like the MySpace bulletins and are more closed so the money making potential wasn’t really there.

However, a while ago Facebook unveiled a new way to advertise on their social network: Facebook Flyers Pro allows you to purchase clicks for as low as $0.01 and features a good range of targeting options. Some people noticed this and took advantage of it to rake in some serious cash. Over at ShoeMoney’s blog you can read the story of a marketer who made up to $10,000-$15,000 a day for a couple of days by abusing the Facebook Flyer advertising program:

If you’re truly an uber affiliate marketer, you’ll have the ability to see a new opportunity, exploit it as much you can, and walk away a lot richer in a short period of time. About a week ago, I blogged about Facebook opening up their CPC advertising via Facebook Flyers Pro. Aside from my stupidity of posting about it and letting the world know, I started thinking about how I could take advantage of this new system and use it to profit. I’m going to walk through my entire process of thinking, testing, and exactly how I used Facebook to profit pretty well for working on it for a few days. I was peaking out initially at around $10,000-$15,000/day, and then that rapidly declined as Facebook started catching on (as I’ll post about). If you have the ability to realize and properly exploit a new market, you can make some nice coinage before saturation and rules set in.

Read on over here – it’s a pretty inspiring story which shows you that some opportunities can make you a lot of money if you’re quick enough 🙂 Also, before you jump into advertising on Facebook take notice that they’ve made it a lot harder. Things like this guy did may no longer possible as Facebook noticed the abuse and tightened up their terms of service.

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