Quest to earn more money, TV shows and games

This week wasn’t really productive, I planned to publish some articles but was too lazy to write them . Another thing I didn’t really like about this week is that the U.S. dollar reached a new record low against the EUR, the last time I bitched about this it was 1.3879 dollar per EUR but now it has already reached 1.4248 dollar per EUR and it doesn’t really look like it’s going to rebound anytime soon .

Some people are happy about this as travelling to the U.S. and importing goods from the U.S. has become a lot cheaper but for me it’s pretty bad. Most ad networks are based in the U.S. so close to 100% of my income is made in U.S. dollars. Putting all your eggs in one basket isn’t really a good idea so I’ve been thinking about a couple of new projects.

There are several options but I think affiliate marketing might be the best shot. One of the things I would like to do is focus a bit more on my home market and launch a couple of Dutch projects that focus on Flanders and/or the Netherlands so at least some of my income will be made in euros instead of dollars.

Perhaps I could turn this project into weekly topic on my blog and set goals like 250EUR profit for the first month, 500EUR for the second month, 1000EUR for the fourth and so on. Basically the main goal will be to earn more money and to add extra income streams. It’s not going to be easy though, I’ve already tried affiliate marketing a couple of times in the past with traffic from AdWords, YSM and AdCenter and most times I ended up with small profits or small losses..

On a more positive note, some of my favorite TV shows aired again this week. The season premiere of the second season of Heroes was pretty good and the first episode of CSI: NY was also OK. I’ve also started watching the third season of Prison Break last week but so far the first two episodes didn’t really impress me – I think the writers should have quit after the second season. Within a couple of hours I’m also going to check out the first episode of Stargate Atlantis, the last episode of last season was pretty good so lets hope this one doesn’t disappoint.

Besides TV shows I also had some fun with games this week. In the past I spend countless hours on gaming but nowadays I don’t really play that much games anymore as few new games really interest me. Until this week one of the few games that I really enjoyed this year was C&C3 but yesterday I played some missions of the World in Conflict single-player campaign and I really like it.

The gameplay of WiC is awesome and the story is pretty cool too. I can’t really say anything about the graphics though, my graphics card sucks too hard so I can’t crank up the quality to the max. I’m going to play a couple more missions today and once I’ve improved my skills a bit I’m going to give the multiplayer a try.


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  1. Damn americans that cant keep their dollar up!
    I got the problem to, all my advertisers are US bases except Vibrant since it is handled by the UK office.

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