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I took a look at some of the search queries people used to find my blog in November and was pretty amazed. Some of the search queries were just plain weird and others were very sick.

A lot of the search queries had something to do with the most popular post on my blog but sometimes they were pretty sick. Here’s a sample of some of the search queries:


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Comment by Jalaj
2007-12-03 14:07:19
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The search terms mentioned doesn’t have any relevance to your story other than that it contains words 17 and girl. amazing !

2007-12-03 14:15:50
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Indeed, the article only contains phrases like “17 year old girl” but some folks in the comments section used phrases like “fuck the system”. Google indexes all this stuff and that’s how you start getting all kinds of weird search traffic.

Comment by squaretan
2007-12-03 19:34:48
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Hey brother, long time i no come here. Anyway you really have a weird list down there! 😈

Comment by Leo
2007-12-12 20:54:50
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It would be funny if not so sad, it shows us how much of the internet is really used for porn.

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