Category: The Internet

  • PC Magazine bites the dust

    I read this morning that Ziff Davis will cease the print edition of PC Magazine to take the publication online, the January 2009 will be the last paper edition of this 27-year old computer magazine. The reason for the move to go web-only is the declining circulation and plummeting advertising. PC Magazine’s circulation dropped from […]

  • Credit crunch to be the death of Web 2.0?

    The death of Web 2.0 has been predicted several times over the past couple of months and even years. Currently, it’s still alive and kicking but the current economic climate could have a severe impact on the industry. Cash and credit are becoming rarer these days and venture capitalists are focusing more on efficiency. Here’s […]

  • Online advertising in Belgium not growing

    A report about the advertising market in Belgium was released this week by CIM Media. The report took a look at the advertising spending of Belgian companies in January to May and found they were 2.1 percent higher than the year before. One of the things I find surprising is that the marketshare of online […]

  • How to spice up a tech site

    The guys over at I4U really know how to make a tech site more interesting. They have a Gadget Photo Model gallery and about once a month they add a new set of photos with a gorgeous model that poses with some of the latest hardware like a new iPod, the Eee PC, a phone […]

  • Blogging may be bad for your health

    NY Times suggests blogging may be bad for your health. The newspaper argues the around-the-clock Internet economy demands a constant stream of new content which causes a lot of stress and other problems like weight loss or gain, sleep disorder, exhaustion, etc. Two weeks ago in North Lauderdale, Fla., funeral services were held for Russell […]