The income report – September 2007

All earnings data from September rolled in today so it’s time to take another look at the evolution of my earnings. In the past I didn’t really keep track of this, I just looked at the numbers on a day-to-day base to get a basic idea of how well or bad I was doing.

Compiling and publishing these charts on my blog every month helps me a bit to keep track of this and gives me a better idea of how much each of my income sources earns me each month.

 For August I was able to report a 17-18% increase but unfortunately my business wasn’t able to grow that much this month. I don’t have the exact numbers yet as Chitika and Vibrant Media still need to audit the September earnings but I estimate my earnings (in U.S. dollars) for September will be approximately the same as the month before. Hopefully October will be a bit better.

In case you’re wondering, I’m not going to publish the exact earning numbers. Lets just say that it’s more than a minimum wage but less than $10,000 a month. A net income of consistently more than $10k a month is one of my long-term goals, although with the current currency exchange it might be better for me to think in euros instead of dollars… Here’s a look at all my online income sources in September:

One of the ad networks which continues to surprise me is Vibrant Media. The first month I used them I wasn’t really impressed but over time the performance of their ads has really improved a lot. As you can see on average it accounts for 17% of my income but on some days the EPC goes up like a rocket and accounts for almost a third of my daily income. While the Vibrant Media income went up a bit the income from Google AdSense dropped a bit. All other income streams didn’t fluctuate that much.

Over the next couple of weeks I hope to add a couple of new income streams. Like I already wrote this weekend I’m considering to roll out a couple of new affiliate marketing projects but it won’t be easy. I’ve had some success with affiliate marketing in the past but that was mostly with free traffic, I haven’t had much success yet with paid traffic from PPC networks such as AdWords and AdCenter. I haven’t had the time yet to really start working on this project, I’m still reading up some relevant info about affiliate marketing on several webmaster forums and blogs.

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  1. I am still suprised to see that your Adsense makes you such a big amount of your monthly income. My adsense has dropped to pretty much nothing lately.

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