Income up 17-18% in August 🙂

A month ago I wrote a post about my biggest income sources in July and today I’m going to do the same for August. Income-wise August was a pretty good month, all my regular income sources performed quite well, I added a couple of new ones and my sites also received a bit more visitors than last month.

This month I used Adsense, Chitika, Text Link Ads, Vibrant Media, Tribal Fusion and I also had some private ad deals. Here’ s a chart which shows the percentage each of these services accounted for:


Google is still bringing in most dollars this month, followed by Chitika, Vibrant Media and Tribal Fusion. And here’s a look at the same chart from last month, the July chart looks a bit more like Pacman due to Google’s 57% dominance that month:

Google’s share dropped quite a bit while Vibrant Media’s share more than tripled in August. One of the reasons for this is that I only ran Vibrant Media for about half a month in July and that the EPC of the IntelliTXT ads has gone up quite a bit.

I’m happy to announce that my overall income increased quite a bit last month. I’m not really sure yet by how much as Chitika and Vibrant Media still need to audit the August figures but I estimate it will be about 17-18% higher than last month! One of the biggest reasons for the income boost is the addition of Vibrant Media’s IntelliTXT but Google AdSense also performed pretty good this month.

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  1. I think one of the reasons for this is that most of the traffic and visitors come from the reviews on your and Bob’s site. At DV Hardware that’s not the case, I also get lots of visitors that come for the news articles.

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