Online ad spending in Belgium up 131%

I found some numbers in the newspaper today about online advertising. According to a new report online advertising jumped 131% in the first half of 2007 in my country.

The growth of online advertising is much bigger than the growth of ad spending on any other medium but the numbers are still very small. About 1.5 billion euro was spend on advertising in the first half of this year in my country and only 44.096 million went to the Internet, or about 2.7%.

Here’s a look at how much money is spend on ads in my country:

  • National TV: 520.166 million EUR (+9%)
  • Newspapers: 360.689 million EUR (+4%)
  • Radio: 186.909 million EUR (+17%)
  • Magazines: 146.732 million EUR (+2%)
  • Billboards: 116.723 million EUR (+2%)
  • Direct mail: 84.199 million EUR (-6%)
  • Local and thematic TV: 44.962 million EUR (+25%)
  • Internet: 41.096 million EUR (+131%)
  • Movie theaters: 10.652 million EUR (-15%)
  • Considering the amount of time people are spending on the Internet these days the amount of money spend on online advertising is amazingly low. I think there’s still room for a huge increase in online spending, which is of course very good news for website owners :mrgreen:


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