My Biggest Moneymakers in July

Now that another month has past I’m going to write a short entry about my biggest money makers.

I don’t really feel comfortable with publishing the exact numbers so I’m only going to give the percentages and compare to figures with June. While I do check all my stats at least once a day I don’t really keep track of my earnings on a monthly base, that’s my accountant’s job. I hope that blogging about my income sources will help me a bit to track whether I’m going up or down

I have various of income sources, last month this included Google AdSense, Chitika, TribalFusion, TextLinkAds, Vibrant Media and private ad deals.

I tried out three new services in July: AuctionAds, Text Link Ads and Vibrant media. TLA and Vibrant Media did pretty well and I’m going to continue using them. AuctionAds wasn’t really impressing, I ran a couple of tests on DV Hardware and on this blog and noticed they have a lot of downtime and it didn’t really generate any substantial revenue so I have removed these ads.

A week ago I blogged about Vibrant Media and bitched about their poor EPC which hovered around 10-11 cents per click. To my surprise the EPC has improved this week, some days it reached 15-16 cents per click and yesterday it jumped to almost 27 cents per click! Lets hope that this keeps up. Unfortunately the Vibrant Media reporting system is really slow, it will take another 20 days before I will receive the actual revenue statement as they still need to subtract stuff like invalid clicks.

I compiled a pie chart of my earnings. Unfortunately both Vibrant Media and Chitika’s earning results still need to be audited, to compensate for this I subtracted 20% from the unaudited earning results:


As you can see AdSense brought in the most dollars, followed by Chitika and TribalFusion. Next month Vibrant Media should rank higher as I have only been using them for two weeks yet. TLA should also rank a bit higher, last month I sold four links and all four of them have been extended for a full month.

I made 2.9% more in July than in June, which isn’t really impressive considering that July has a day more than June but I’m still glad that there’s an upwards trend. For the last 6-8 months my earnings almost continuously went down, which is pretty depressing. If I want to accomplish all my dreams I really need a lot more growth.

Anyway, time to stop bitching and get back to work, I still got a lot to do today

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