Month: December 2007

  • New gear for DV Hardware

    It took a while but I finally received my photo light tent. Usually when I order something on the Internet it arrives pretty quick but that was not the case with this product, it took almost five weeks till it arrived! I guess that’s one of the disadvantages of ordering things the “El Cheapo” way […]

  • Merry Christmas!

    Hope you’re all having a good time

  • I Am Legend review

    Two days ago I saw I Am Legend, a new post-apocalyptic film that stars Will Smith. This film is loosely based on the same-name science fiction novel which was published in 1954 by Richard Matheson. The plot: A miraculous cure against cancer becomes a global nightmare. The cure evolves into a plague and spreads all […]

  • The 114EUR PC

    I assembled a new computer system for my dad this week for only 114EUR . I have lots of spare parts so the only thing I needed to buy for his system was a motherboard and a processor. This rig will only be used for office work and Internet browsing so the specifications are pretty […]

  • 30 Days of Night review

    Carmen and I saw 30 Days of Night this afternoon, this new thriller seemed to have a quite interesting story but 113 minutes later we both felt disappointed. The story is set in Barrow, a small Alaskan town where the sun sets for 30 days every winter. A large part of Barrow’s population leaves the town […]