New gear for DV Hardware

It took a while but I finally received my photo light tent. Usually when I order something on the Internet it arrives pretty quick but that was not the case with this product, it took almost five weeks till it arrived! I guess that’s one of the disadvantages of ordering things the “El Cheapo” way in Asia through eBay.

This tent will mainly be used to take pictures of products that will be reviewed at DV Hardware, I got the 80cm version along with four backdrops (white, black, red and blue). This tent should be big enough for most products like PSUs, memory, graphics cards, cooling solutions, gadgets etc. Only for large computer case boxes it will probably be a bit too small.


The advantage of a light tent is that it allows you to take photos of objects with a nice uniform background. Now I only need to search some spots to improve the light conditions and try to get all the wrinkles out of the backdrop. Here’s a test shot I took under natural light conditions:


I’m also planning to buy a replacement for my good old Canon PowerShot S45 digital camera but I’ve decided to wait a couple more months to see what will be released at PMA 08. Nothing is certain yet but there are rumours that Canon is planning to release the EOS 450D dSLR camera in early 2008 and that this camera will have a couple of new features like a larger display, Digic III, Live View and perhaps even a video capture mode.


8 responses to “New gear for DV Hardware”

  1. Quite cheap! try Canon IXUS for camera for compact cameras it is quite good and comes with natural colors.
    So Thomas, you bought the tent just to take pictureS?

  2. The picture has come out very good. You can wait before getting a new Camera.

    The tent surely made difference to the pic.

  3. I mean cant you just use a white piece of paper as the background? In my country we have those Giant size Mahjong paper which is white in color which i think can get the same effects as the tent.
    Nonetheless, good take Thomas! :thumbs:

  4. I’ve been using white sheets to take pictures but never really got close to professional looking pictures with clean white backgrounds.

    I hope the light tent will help me to take pictures that look more like the photos taken by this guy:

    It’s possible to make a light tent for a lot less money but I wanted something that can be collapsed as a 80 x 80 x 80cm box would take up too much room.

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