The 114EUR PC

I assembled a new computer system for my dad this week for only 114EUR . I have lots of spare parts so the only thing I needed to buy for his system was a motherboard and a processor. This rig will only be used for office work and Internet browsing so the specifications are pretty low-end:

Intel Core 2 Duo E2140 1.6GHz CPU with stock Intel HSF
AUS P5GC-MX/1333 motherboard
Integrated Intel GMA 950 graphics
Super Talent PC2-8000 2x 1GB memory
PC Power & Cooling Silencer 610 PSU
Maxtor 120GB HDD

All this hardware is housed in the huge ThermalTake Xaser VI, I offered him some smaller cases but the Xaser VI was the one he liked most.


The system is fairly quiet, the only part that makes a lot of noise is the hard drive. The performance isn’t too bad either and I’ve read that the E2140 is a really good overclocker, some sites report the chip can be overclocked 1GHz without even playing with the voltage.

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  1. Cool PC you have there. Maybe you can add one or two more fans to make the system cooler? My hard drive is the noisiest device that i have. Sometimes really disturb my sleep as well… Dang.. 😥

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