Month: July 2007

  • Web 2.0 communities where you can find me

    I noticed a post on Bob Buskirk’s blog about Web 2.0 communities and thought it would be a good idea to publish a similar post on my blog. Here’s a quick list of all the Web 2.0 sites you can find me on: – Facebook – MySpace and also one for DV Hardware. Both are […]

  • SanDisk Cruzer Contour review ready

    I just broke a personal record I managed to completely finish the review of a product in less than 12 hours after I received it. You can check out the review of the SanDisk Cruzer Contour at DV Hardware. In the past when I still went to school it sometimes took an awful lot of […]

  • SanDisk Cruzer Contour – DV Hardware Product Inbox

    I received a new product today, the SanDisk Cruzer Contour. This is a relatively new luxurious flash drive from Sandisk. My first impressions are pretty good. The build quality of this flash stick is really good and I was actually a bit surprised. I expected the Cruzer Contour to be made out of plastic like […]

  • Anyone got a spare 25 million EUR?

    A friend pointed me to this eBay auction. Pretty amazing huh? Your own beautiful 225 acre island in Fiji for 25 million EUR.  If I had just a little bit more money I would buy this without a doubt . The island is 1 mile long, 1/3 mile width and has 150 foot elevations. This island is called Blue […]

  • Assault On Precinct 13 (2005) DVD review

    A bought a couple of new DVDs this week, including a box with Spy Game, Gangs of New York and Assault On Precinct 13. I saw the latter one this weekend, it’s a loose remake of a same-name movie from 1976. At the start of this action thriller we see the main character, Jake Roenick, […]