Month: July 2007

  • Spy Game DVD review

    Spy Game is a movie that was released in 2001. Here in Belgium it was released in movie theaters in 2002 and I actually went to the cinema to view this movie but do to circumstances () I didn’t really see a lot of the movie.. About a week ago while browsing I noticed […]

  • Spider Pig Ringtone from The Simpsons Movie

    Look out, here comes the Spider Pig! In an attempt to drive some more traffic to this blog I created a SpiderPig ringtone! Spiderpig, Spiderpig Does whatever a spiderpig does Can he swing from a web No he can’t he’s a pig Look out, here is the Spider Pig. This little tune from The Simpsons […]

  • Worst Tattoo Ever

    This got to be one of the worst tattoo’s I’ve ever seen: Why would anyone want to put a Windows BSOD (Blue Screen of Death) message on their arm?

  • Going to Pukkelpop – August 16-18

    I just bought a ticket for Pukkelpop, this is a three-day music festival in Kiewit. This year it takes place on August 16-18. There are eight different stages this year and dozens of bands are coming. Here’s a quick list of some of the bands I’m probably going to see: – Kaiser Chiefs – Peter […]

  • Dell 2407WFP-HC screwed

    As a hardware reviewer I often receive packages from companies. During the past couple of years I’ve already reviewed about 100 products and mostly these products arrived in perfect shape. Theo Valich from The Inquirer wasn’t as fortunate when he recently ordered a Dell 2407WFP-HC LCD display. Here’s what happened to his 24″ LCD display. Not […]