Why I removed BlogRush

blogrush.jpgThree days ago I decided to give BlogRush a try but as you may have noticed I’ve removed the widget today.

Before I started using this network I already had some doubts – I expected the CTR would be really small but it’s even worse than I expected.

According to the BlogRush dashboard I’ve earned a total of 15,361.50 credits from my traffic and the traffic of my referrals. BlogRush has already given me 7,839 impressions on other blogs but this didn’t result in much new readers to my blog. All I got was just 1 click.

That’s a CTR of approximately 0,0125% – which makes it very hard to justify to keep this widget on my blog.

BlogRush is a pretty nice concept but for me it doesn’t seem to work. Maybe the CTR will improve over the next few weeks as they’re now starting to kick abusers out of the network and are trying to improve the relevancy but I’m not really convinced that BlogRush will be able to send a lot of traffic to your blog. One of the reasons why I think the CTR would continue to be extremely low is because most people (including me) are putting the widget somewhere on their blog were few people will actually notice it – like in the right sidebar very close to the bottom of the page.

Has anyone had more positive experiences with BlogRush?


4 responses to “Why I removed BlogRush”

  1. Funny, I got here by clicking on the BlogRush link on someone else’s blog. I put my BlogRush widgit at the top of my right column, and I find it oddly enticing, instilling curiosity about where those few links might send me. Like a mini-StumbleUpon. I try not to click on too many of them, thinking that would look like abuse, if I was always clicking on the BlogRush widgit on my own blog. Not sure if that’s so, and I couldn’t find a Contact link at BlogRush to ask the questions. I have a vague uneasiness about BR, under the If It’s Too Good to Be True It Probably Isn’t heading, and the pitch sounds too much like Shacklee or any other pyramid scheme. I guess I’m willing to try it out beccause I actually think it adds a little fun to my blog page. We’ll see. I was very interested in your running the numbers on CTR–you’ve definitely increased my wariness on this one.

  2. It’s kind of like a visual StumbleUpon. I’ve found a few good sites by clicking on links. As for bringing people to my site, time will tell as they work out the kinks and abusers. I believe, like anything new, you gotta give them a chance to streamline their process.

  3. I have found that it is showing the same headlines from last week. I have been to many of the sites featured but I don’t seem to see my headlines on any of them.

    I leave it until I find something of monetary value to put there.

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