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Just like thousands of other bloggers I’m going to give BlogRush a try. This new widget was launched a few days ago and really took the Internet by storm, you can see it popping up everywhere.

So what’s the purpose of BlogRush? Well it aims to send your blog more traffic. By placing the code on your blog you gain credits as people visit your site and to reward you BlogRush will place links to your articles on other blogs that run the BlogRush widget. For instance, if you get 100 visitors a day your site will be featured 100 times on other blogs.

And by referring new people to the network you can get even more exposure. If people sign up under your referrer link you’ll get credits for every impression on their site too. So if you refer 5 people who each get 100 pageviews a day you will get a total exposure of 600 impressions a day.

This video has some more info on how it works:

You can try out BlogRush over here. It all sounds pretty nice but it will be interesting to see how much traffic this can really send to your blog as I don’t think the CTR will be really high.

I’m going to run this for a couple of days to see how it plays out.

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Comment by Leo
2007-09-19 06:26:04
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It never hurts to see how it’ll work out. You’ll probably want to try them out for a couple of weeks though as they are dealing with a huge backlog of sign-ups. My stats just started showing today.

Comment by Ciaran
2007-09-19 14:25:42
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I’m giving BlogRush a run as well. First impressions are very positive although it still feels like a Beta version and isn’t quite polished…yet. It is like a pyramid scheme but without any of the pitfalls!

Comment by squaretan
2007-09-19 15:56:38
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Hoho. nice one! i will surely join under you! Ill give it a try! as long can get traffic it is worth a try! :thumbs:

2007-09-19 22:47:09
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Thanks 🙂

2007-09-19 22:24:09
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[…] website from Thomas De Maesschalck’s blog. This blog is under my blogroll. The main reason I gave BlogRush a try is that is systems drives traffic to ones blog. According to BlogRush, this blog syndication […]

Comment by squaretan
2007-09-19 22:56:08
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No problem brother! my pleasure :worship:

2007-09-20 21:09:22
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Hmmm… I installed the BlogRusg Widget a few days ago and I am yet to see any benefits… will give it a week or two but yet to be convinced.

2007-09-20 21:22:31
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I’m not really convinced either. I’ve already had 2956 impressions on the BlogRush netywork but only 1 click 😕

2007-09-21 20:55:00
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[…] days ago I decided to give BlogRush a try but as you may have noticed I’ve removed the widget […]

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