W Revenue – new blog with some nice tips

I read a review on John Chow’s blog today about Scott Wainner’s new blog. This guy had a lot of success on the Internet in the late 90’s – he had a successful hardware site called SysOpt and had a price comparison site called ResellerRatings. Both sites were getting quite a lot of traffic and were sold in 1999 to EarthWeb for $12.4 million in cash and stock.

However, a year later the dot com bubble busted. This was a very bad time for many online businesses but for Scott it was a great opportunity. He managed to buy back ResellerRatings for a fraction of the money he sold it for and as the Iternet started to come to life again the site grew into a seven figure revenue business.

He also has a couple of other online projects like TechIMO and PhotoPost and now he also has his own blog called W Revenue. There are lots of blogs on the Internet about making money, marketing, business, etc. but Scott’s blog caught my eye. It’s still pretty new but most of the content he has published so far is very interesting.

He shares tips for site owners, explains how to make money with forums and offers advice on getting started with your own seven figure income from the Internet. Some of his posts could be quite useful if you’re running a website.

One of his tips I’m definitely going to try this week is to ask for a bigger revenue share from ad networks. It’s just like Scott says “don’t be afraid to ask, all they can do is say no”. I tried this about a year ago with an affiliate offer from MaxBounty that paid out about $4 per lead and was able to get a 10% increase. Lets see if this also works with the ad networks I’m currently dealing with 


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