VibrantMedia IntelliTXT earning results

Last week I wrote about IntelliTXT, a new advertising program I’m trying on DV Hardware. Today is the seventh day I’m using it so I thought it’s time to write some blurbs about my experiences with this company.

One of my fears before I started using IntelliTXT is that it might have a big impact on the earnings of other ads on my site like AdSense and Chitika. It’s still a bit early but the overall trend seems to be that the addition of IntelliTXT ads barely lowered the ad income of the other ads. Perhaps a little bit but it seems to be a lot less than the extra income that IntelliTXT generates.

For the last five full days these ads are making me an average of $9-$10 a day. Not bad but a bit worse than I expected. The CTR (click trough rate) is kinda low compared to the one from my AdSense ads and the EPC (earnings per click) are low too. In my opinion the IntelliTXT ads are a bit more annoying for my readers than the other ads on my site and I’m a bit disappointed by the poor EPC of the IntelliTXT ads. It hovers around 10-11 cents per click and that’s a lot less than I expected. 

One of the other problems of IntelliTXT seems to be that they have little ad inventory for some (or perhaps most?) countries outside North America. I live in Belgium and haven’t seen a single IntelliTXT ad on my site yet. I e-mailed my account manager about this and he told me that they currently have no advertisers in Belgium.

So my first impression is a bit mixed, IntelliTXT did increase the earnings of my site a bit but I’m not really impressed.


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