VibrantMedia IntelliTXT ads added on DV Hardware

Vibrant MediaTo increase the revenue of DV Hardware I’m trying a couple of new services, this month I’m going to give Vibrant Media a go. I’ve been considering to use their ads for a couple of weeks now but hold off on it a bit because I feared these ads might have a negative effect on the earnings of other ads on my site. But yesterday I finally decided to sign an agreement with them to run their IntelliTXT ads on DV Hardware for a 30-day trial period.

It will be interesting to see how these ads perform. Contrary to most other ad services like Google AdSense, YPN, Chitika, TribalFusion, Auction Ads, … the IntelliTXT ads from Vibrant Media are placed directly in your content. They are in-text, IntelliTXT’s algorithm highlights words from your content and when a user clicks on it you earn some money.

IntelliTXT ads

I hope that IntelliTXT will be able to increase my earnings, an extra $15 or $30 a day would be great, although the latter one is probably a bit too optimistic . So far I’m not sure yet what kind of CPC I should expect from IntelliTXT, the earnings report of yesterday isn’t available yet but I hope it’s high enough to make it worh it.


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