The Simpsons Movie review

The Simpsons MovieMy girlfriend Carmen and I went to The Simpsons Movie today. She likes The Simpsons a lot and wanted to go see the movie on the opening day.

We went to Siniscoop, a cinema a few kilometers away from us in Sint Niklaas. We bought some popcorn and some cool beverage and when we entered the theater we noticed that there was still a lot of free room. Sint Niklaas isn’t really a huge town and most of the times when we go to this cinema there’s still plenty of room, I think that the theater was only 1/3rd or perhaps half full

As lots of you haven’t seen this movie yet I’m not going to spoil too much of the plot of The Simpsons Movie but I’ll say that it’s a bit different than I expected. Before I saw the movie I had read this plot at IMDB:

When Homer mistakenly pollutes the river with toxic waste from the power plant, he loses his job and forces evacuation from Springfield, possibly forever.

The plot that is listed at IMDB and others sites is wrong. Homer indeed messes up seriously but it has nothing to do with the power plant. The movie does focus a lot on the environment though and even features a small parody on Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth. The band Green Day makes a guest appearance and there’s also a nice parody on Spider-Man.

The Simpsons Movie is 87 minutes full of fun. I give it a 8/10 and definitely recommend all The Simpsons fans to go see this movie. You’ll have quite a few laughs.

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  1. the simpsons movie when i heard it was owt i had to watch it i am a big fan and i would reccomend it to anyone that has not seen it the first time i heard about it was about 1 year ago but somone told me it was goin to be called the simpsons go to hollywood

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