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Spy GameSpy Game is a movie that was released in 2001. Here in Belgium it was released in movie theaters in 2002 and I actually went to the cinema to view this movie but do to circumstances () I didn’t really see a lot of the movie..

About a week ago while browsing play.com I noticed they were selling the DVD of this movie together with Gangs of New York and Assault on Precinct 13 for only 9.49EUR, including shipping. That seemed like a pretty good deal so I decided to add these DVDs to my movie collection.

Spy Game is a movie about Tom Bishop, a CIA operative who was trained by CIA officer Nathan Muir. Tom Bishop was trying to break an English woman out of a Chinese prison during a rogue mission but got arrested by the Chinese. Bishop is now facing execution unless the U.S. government claims him within 24 hours.

Unfortunately for Bishop, CIA executives aren’t willing to make a deal. Muir hangs around during the debriefing and recalls memories of Bishop’s recruitment, training and missions together with him. Muir isn’t willing to let Bishop die and is secretly using all his skills to find a way to free Bishop.

I really liked this movie. It has an interesting plot, lots of action and shows several interesting locations like Vietnam, Beirut (Lebanon), Germany before the fall of the Wall and of course also China. I give Spy Game a 8/10.

The DVD also includes several extras like some insights into the production process, commentaries and deleted and alternate scenes. I always like to watch the deleted scenes but unfortunately the quality of these scenes sucks, it looks a bit as if you’re watching a YouTube video fullscreen.

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